Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Gives Me Peace

Thanks to all my friends who have been praying with me for our decision for the praise band opportunity. Just to let you know, we haven't made one. It seems like the opposition is really getting in the way. This church is in the middle of a battle between people wanting to keep it traditional and people wanting to go contemporary. It concerns us that we're stepping right in the middle. But, then again, is this what God wants? Please continue with us to lift this opportunity up in prayer and stay in God's will.

In the meantime, when I need a place to go for peace, I go out on the back porch and look at all of God's work. He's really blessed me with a simple, peaceful backyard that I thought I'd share with all ya'll. We've planted tomatoes, squash, cukes, peppers, basil, oregano, lavender, hummingbird vine....all kinds of things. It's not much, but it's everything to me....all the stuff I love. Most of it was free. Stuff from the dump (we call it the "Mall") or stuff that people we know were gonna throw away. And stuff from the barn we don't use anymore since the horses left. The old pots came from my dear Aunt Evelyn's house in Greenville (now in assistant living). Those have been there ever since I can remember. The garden angel came from my sister-in-law's house in Charlotte...she was gonna throw it away. And, oh yeah, yes, that's a "redneck hot tub". We took an old watering trough from the barn that we didn't need anymore and turned it into a "spa". Believe it or not, it really brings relief on those 100 degree plus days. Gives a new meaning to that word we use so often......SIMPLiFY :)

Ya'll come see us!!

Love all ya'll,