Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Addition

Just want to introduce our newest addition to the family. Michelle & Daniel gave me little Po. I've had little yorkies for about the past 20 years. First there was Ponji. He was a part of our household for almost 13 years, then we were blessed with little Squeeker for about the same length of time. We lost him a little over a year ago, and I swore I would never have one of these little fellows again. For some reason, these little pups get closer to me than anything I've ever had. But when Michelle brought this little fellow in, my heart just melted, and I knew I had fallen again. I go again. Po's a yorkie/maltese and has just blended right into everything. He's even growing on Tip and Sydney.

Thanks, Michelle, for thinking of your Ole Mom. After everything I've been through over the past couple of years, it's so nice to have somebody think of what would make me happy, instead of what would hurt me. God will bless you :)