Friday, September 26, 2008

Country Girls Thrift

Hey ya'll, we go again. My daughter, Michelle, has always wanted to open a thrift store. One that's real neat and has real neat stuff. I told her I would help....if it didn't involve money ;) So.....we've been lookin' for places to rent for a few weeks. Just couldn't find anything she could afford. Most places were either waaayyyy outta her budget, or in such bad shape and the landlord wanted us to foot the bill to bring it up to code....NOT. Then, outta the blue, we found a place... move in ready....priced right...first month FREE (can you believe that??)...month to month lease AND the price includes power and water!! I told her, "Mannnnnnnnn, God is good!!" So, she signed the lease and we started movin' our stuff in. We were gonna try to open to the public Saturday, then she said, "Momma, let's do it Friday!!" So, I wake up this morning at 5:00 all excited, only to find some kinda tropical depression comin' thru....torential downpours...hear it beatin' the tin roof to death as I sit up here typin' away!! Oh brother!! I think it's supposed to get outta here soon. Sure do hope so. We've got signs and balloons to put up, posters to get out, stuff to price....and on and on.

At any rate, I stopped and snapped a few pics while we were puttin' all our stuff in there. Included one of my baby girl Michelle....she's so happy. We've had bunches of people offering free stuff if we'll just go pick it up. Praise God!! So, we've done this with no $$ down except just what was needed for permits and licenses......and, of course, all the free sweat equity :)

Ya'll keep us in ya'lls prayers. We're optimistic.....but also realistic. We've gotten real good feedback from everyone we've come in contact with....and now it's in God's hands....what better place to be??!!

If you live around Camden, SC.....stop by 1311 Gordon Street and give us a holler ;)

Love all ya'll,