Sunday, August 31, 2008

DJ Fun.........

Well, we survived the DJ gig last night at Tim's for Mick and Christina's wedding celebration. Christina is from Honduras and an absolute joy to be around. I'm so happy for her and Mick. They seem perfect for each other and the kids just seem to adore her....and she seems to adore the kids. Our friends Tim and Randy actually hosted this party as a wedding gift for their cousin Mick. We have done djing at Tim's before and he has expanded his already ULTIMATE set-up. Any outdoor event he has there has always turned out great. This one turned out to be a real challenge, however, when Mick asked for Latino music for his bride. I searched frantically and got what I could. Not knowing Spanish, I just didn't feel comfortable playing something that I did not know what they were singing!! But, evidently, Christina was pleased with what we played. And I was very relieved when she said she wanted rap!! We partied and partied and ended up playing everything from the Latino to Southern Rock to Country to Rap .......even Hannah Montana for the kids!! Some wanted to do a little karaoke which we gladly obliged. When Mick and Christina and the kids left, the party continued, and I even left Jackie at the table while I joined in on the Cupid Shuffle!! Fun!!

While we were there, PJ and Jen announced their wedding in May, and talked to us about doing their complete wedding at the lake. Praise God!! Looks like this thing might make it after all. Our friend Joey, Tim and Randy's brother, will be coming back from Iraq in about a month, and they'll be having a celebration for him which we'll be djing. Our little Marine friend, Donnie, has already left for his second tour of Iraq. Ya'll please keep both of these Marines....and all the others.... in your prayers.

Now I can start back on my prims. I've missed them so and have been thinking about so many projects.....I don't know which ones to start first.

Anyway, I took this little video from our table while everyone was enjoying themselves. It's kinda dark, but you can see all the people bustin' a move when the lights flash on!! Even the little ones!! Don't forget to turn off my music before you play it.

Love all ya'll,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Alive and Kickin'

Hey ya'll. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Thanks to those who've noticed and asked if I was ok. I'm fine. Just been soooo busy with the DJ thang. Praise God. We've got a big wedding party for a couple who actually got married in California a few weeks ago and wants a "home town" celebration for those who didn't make the wedding. I've been a busy bee loading playlists on the laptop and Jackie's been upgrading the mixer and speakers. And of course, there's Fay.....with all the lightning and rain she's been dumping on us. But, we really can use the rain. We lost power yesterday for a few hours, which threw us into a tailspin with all we're trying to get accomplished before this weekend.

The benefit Jackie and I played last Saturday went well. I really enjoyed myself and the other musicians. It had been a long time since I played my keyboard, but the people there really made me feel special. Keep in mind, I'm NOT an accomplished musician like most of the others who were playing at this event, but they're all a great bunch of guys, and playing with them would make ANYBODY sound good.

My poor Ebay and Etsy have kinda taken a back seat to the DJing right now. But that's ok. I'm still having sales and it keeps me from getting bored with all that's going on. Maybe after Saturday, I can get back to my crafts. I'm excited about the aproaching Fall and Halloween season and feel the need to be "creative".

Jackie's band, Ambush, has been asked to play the Finally Friday concert on October 31. This is a great event that the Fine Arts Center sponsors on the last Friday of the month from March thru October with local bands. It's real neat....a big outdoor event where the kids can come and you bring chairs and blankets and listen to great music. It's really an honor to play these things. This one's gonna be a big Halloween party with costumes and all. Hope Momma's gonna get to come down and finally hear Jackie play. She loves music.....and has even been known to "cut a rug" a time or two ;)

Oh well, hope to have some pics of the benefit soon. And maybe, by then, I'll have some of the wedding party too. I posted some new pics on the DJ Myspace of a Hannah Montana party we did for Little Bree back in April. You can check 'em out by clicking on the icon below..

Love all ya'll,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another GREAT Giveaway

Hey ya'll. Ya'll need to check out this fantastic giveaway over at Behind My Red Door All my favorite things. Be sure to tell Linda that Vic sent ya.

Love ya'll


Saturday, August 9, 2008


In my last post, I mentioned a gentleman who was planning on launching a federal lawsuit against the agency that persecuted me. was supposed to be served yesterday August 8. The exact same date, last year, that they forced me into early retirement. I bet my former boss had a great weekend. And all this time I felt defeated. God's on time.....all the time...........and ALWAYS in control.

Romans 12:19
Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Just one of those things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!". Thank you Lord.

Love ya'll ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First of all, thanks for all the encouragement all ya'll have sent to me. Sometimes, just knowing you're not the only one who has problems helps tremendously. Sorry I haven't "blogged" in a while, but we've really been stretched pretty thin....Praise God. It appears that August will be a pretty good month. We've booked a good wedding party event for the DJing. Looking forward to that. Our "shady" friend has bought a local establishment and wants the band to play on rotation AND wants us to DJ regularly. That will be a good steady thing. Ya'll can check out our new little My Space website....just click on the link below.

Now, for the good part. Our neighbors.....come to find out, it was a dog barking device, not a camera. Didn't know until everything came to blows and we confronted them about why in the world they would do such a childish thing. They claimed Patsy's barking was driving them crazy...especially when they tried to have a party at the pond. After about 2 hours of hashing this back and forth, I finally just said "you know what kids, do what you have to do. We've been here 20-something years. You knew we had dogs when you looked at the house. If it was an issue, then you never should have bought the house. Do what you have to do, but we're not going anywhere, and we're not changing a thing". Then they said, "Ms. Vickie, maybe we over-reacted". Apologized, and all seems to be well. Praise God. That simple. I'm beginning to think this "growing old" thing might have an advantage after all ;)

I was contacted by a gentleman who is filing a lawsuit against the agency I used to work at, and he wanted me to join in. After hours spent in prayer and discussion with Jackie, I don't think this is what God wants me to do. Just looking over all the evidence I collected the years I was there brought back so much pain. I hadn't looked at all this "stuff" since I left almost a year ago to the day. The documents I had collected were all internal financially related, and really not relevant to his case anyway. I did give him some names to contact and ethic agencies to get in touch with and "wished him luck". He said he was on blood pressure medicine now, and it had only been a couple of months dealing with this situation. Imagine what kinda shape I was in after dealing with 'em for years!! And I truly appreciate the peace God has given me after I finally threw in the towel. I have to admit, tho, after allowing God to be my vindicator, it will be satisfying to see all the negative press take place....and who knows, maybe this man will actually expose all the wrong doings and make a difference. He has the money to carry this thing out. Anyway, that "season" is over for me. Praise God.

Well, hope all ya'll have been good. Supposed to be 100 degrees here today....oh brother. Let me scoot.

Love all ya'll