Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My "New" Porch

I know a lot of ya'll have been hit with terrible weather lately, but here, it's been almost like spring. So, that inspired me to piddle around outside and re-do my porch. As most of ya'll know, my favorite aunt Evelyn went to an assisted living facility a few months ago, and I was fortunate enough to get some of her things. One being this great set of furniture that sat on her front porch as long as I can remember. When I brought it home, we put it in the barn until we could find the perfect place for it. And I think we did.

Our friend Wendy also gave us a little night stand that was her grandmother's. I painted it black and distressed it some, and it looks perfect with Evelyn's furniture.

The little angel picture and the "feed the birds" picture was from Michelle for Christmas. Thanks hon!! Love 'em....and, here again, they look perfect!!

The little lab and duck wind chimes were made by me when I had my little wildlife craft business, Retriever Ridge. This is probably the only thing I have left of that little craft business which I did 20 years ago to supplement my income as a single mom.

The "candlelier" was given to me by Michelle. She found it and said it looked like me!! She knows me so well.

The "antiques" sign was a Christmas gift last year from my brother Randy and wife Elsie. How perfect is that??!!

All the other "stuff" is just things friends and relatives have given me and I just love 'em all. It gives me such peace to sit out here and just look at all my stuff and remember the great friends and family that thought enough of me to give me things that remind them of me. I am soooo blessed!!

We've taken a week off from the shop....whew....much needed, and I surely have enjoyed this time to do things around the house and catch up on my blogging. After New Year's....it'll be on again. Speaking of New Years....ya'll have a happy one!!

Love ya'll,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a Great Christmas

Hey ya'll. Hope all ya'll had a great Christmas. We sure did. Not just because we received such great gifts, but because we realized this year what great friends we have, and we have so much to be thankful for.

We received this great antique tobacco humidor from our friend Dee Dee. What a great, loving gal. Dee Dee.....you just shouldn't have done this. We truly love you!!

And doesn't it just look great with the pineapple light box my hubby got me!! And his mom's old tobacco jar?? Perfect!!

May God truly bless you, Dee Dee, and be with you in all that you do. And....we'll be there for you too!!

Love all ya'll,

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas ya'll!! Thought I'd jump on here a second before everyone woke up and I got busy.

Guess what Santa brought? A great noodle board stove cover!! I'd seen these on some of ya'lls pics, and...yeah...I hate to admit...coveted it. I mentioned it to hubby, and he mentioned it to our friend Ronnie. And guess what? Yesterday, Ronnie brought it by. He made it!! How cool is that??!! Course, he can make anything. It's made from 100 year old pieces of wood he took out of a house a while back and saved...not knowing exactly what to do with it, but he said when Jackie told him what I wanted, he knew this would be perfect.

Thanks Ronnie....love ya man.

And my little "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree that I got from the shop that nobody else wanted looked great after I stuck some gingham ribbons and cookie cutters on it. It found a home on this great noodle board.

Hope all ya'll have a glorious day!! MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL!!

Love ya'll,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Won.......Yay......Yum

Hey ya'll. I won my first giveaway ever......and boy oh boy is it great!! I came home from the shop yesterday and guess what was waiting for me? This great prim cone filled with lots of Christmas goodies from Deb's Primitive Country Kitchen. It's already found a home next to a window in my bedroom. AND.....she included some great homemade candy that.....uhhhh....I was FORCED to share. Sorry...I was all caught up in the moment and got kinda greedy. But, she was sooo generous, there was plenty to go around.

Deb......thank you sooooo much for such wonderful things. My first winning is sooo exciting. I'll think of you every time I look and smell the great cinnamon coming from the cone. And......everytime I have a piece of candy........yummo!!

Hope all ya'll have a great Christmas!!

Love ya'll,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Love My New Floor

Hey ya'll. Lots of ya'll have been asking for pics for my new floor. We have a bit to go. Son Rob is gonna do the hall while he's on his Christmas vacation (what a dear!!). And we haven't put the baseboard and molding down yet. Friend Randy has some cedar left over from his gorgeous house that he's graciously given us to rip and use. It'll look sooo good. Many many thanks to Randy and Tim and Rob for helping us. We couldn't have done any of it without ya'll. What great friends!! And what a great son!! Love all ya'll!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Joys (and Woes) of Having a Thrift Shop

Don't faint ya'll.......yeah, I'm still among the living!! The shop is keeping us hopping, especially now in the holiday season. Praise God, all is good. But now, if I'm not at the shop, I'm making stuff every spare moment I have. I do take the time to check in on all my blog friends. Might not have time to post, but I do take a few minutes to read comments and your new posts.

We're opening Monday thru Saturday during the Christmas season and have lots of great new items for that special gift giving. Last night I made up some new candle tarts. These are going for $1.00 per bag of 2. I have Cherry Vanilla, Orange Spice, Cinnamon Stix and Indian Summer. I also made some oatmeal soap bars, which will be selling for $1.00 per bar. I still have a few tart loaves left in Christmas Spice, selling for $3.00 per loaf, and a few select Halloween Spice loaves which have been reduced to $2.00 per loaf.....a great bargain with a great fragrance!! I just put out some new tart burners for only $2.00 each...hurry, they're going fast!!

I'm moving most of my handmade items from my Ebay Store and Etsy Shop to the store, but if any of ya'll are looking for anything in particular, shoot me an email, 'cause I'm still shipping :)

Michelle has some great prim shelves (I just HAD to have a couple for the house). And we have LOADS of great Christmas decorations at cheap cheap prices.

Hope all ya'll have a Blessed Christmas, and let's all remember the REASON for the SEASON :)

Love all ya'll,