Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My "New" Porch

I know a lot of ya'll have been hit with terrible weather lately, but here, it's been almost like spring. So, that inspired me to piddle around outside and re-do my porch. As most of ya'll know, my favorite aunt Evelyn went to an assisted living facility a few months ago, and I was fortunate enough to get some of her things. One being this great set of furniture that sat on her front porch as long as I can remember. When I brought it home, we put it in the barn until we could find the perfect place for it. And I think we did.

Our friend Wendy also gave us a little night stand that was her grandmother's. I painted it black and distressed it some, and it looks perfect with Evelyn's furniture.

The little angel picture and the "feed the birds" picture was from Michelle for Christmas. Thanks hon!! Love 'em....and, here again, they look perfect!!

The little lab and duck wind chimes were made by me when I had my little wildlife craft business, Retriever Ridge. This is probably the only thing I have left of that little craft business which I did 20 years ago to supplement my income as a single mom.

The "candlelier" was given to me by Michelle. She found it and said it looked like me!! She knows me so well.

The "antiques" sign was a Christmas gift last year from my brother Randy and wife Elsie. How perfect is that??!!

All the other "stuff" is just things friends and relatives have given me and I just love 'em all. It gives me such peace to sit out here and just look at all my stuff and remember the great friends and family that thought enough of me to give me things that remind them of me. I am soooo blessed!!

We've taken a week off from the shop....whew....much needed, and I surely have enjoyed this time to do things around the house and catch up on my blogging. After New Year's....it'll be on again. Speaking of New Years....ya'll have a happy one!!

Love ya'll,


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a warm a cozy place to be! We've had some nice warm days here to ... made me feel like planting flowers!


Debra said...


Nancy M. said...

Vic, it looks so inviting! I would love to come sit a spell with you.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm with Nancy! I'd LOVE to be sitting there with you, Vic! I love everything I see in those pictures, and I'm sure it means even more to you coming from people that you love! Just perfect!


Dani said...

It looks so welcoming and cozy...does it stay warm in the winter? kinda chilly here today with a cold rain...brrrr...I'd love to sit out there with you with a good hot cup of tea or coffee.....