Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey ya'll. I got tagged by my good friend Linda. So here goes the 5 things about me. I feel kinda like a broken record cause I'm an "opened book" and feel like everybody knows these things already.....but here goes:

1. I give all the glory to Jesus!! He goes with me everywhere I go and is always there to keep me in line :)

2. I love my husband Jackie. What a great guy to put up with me and all the crazy things I seem to get into. He is really God Sent :)

3. I love my 2 "kids". Rob is 34 and Michelle is 30. They've done their Momma proud :)

4. I love my 4 grandkids. Andrea 10, Beta 5, Bailey 5, and Gage 4. What precious little blessings they are. Yes, even when they're getting into all their trouble....Grandma really does love ya'll :)

5. I'm so blessed to be able to stay home right now. After 11 years at a government job where corruption was running rampant and nobody cared, it is so peaceful to discover friends on line who don't center everything around theft, lies, gossip, backbiting and personal gain. I truly thank God for all ya'll who have shown so much love to me and who have lifted me up. Ya'll will never know how much this has helped get me through a time when I thought I might be losing my mind. I know God sent ya'll to me...which leads me back to #1....:)