Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Ya'll

Hope all ya'll have a safe and happy 4th. We won't be doing much....ain't that great!! I've got a boston butt in the crock pot. Probably make some BBQ and maybe some rice.....just keeping it simple. Michelle has to work, and Rob got attacked by a pit bull last week. He was inspecting a house, and the dog had broke a chain. He's ok, but had to get stitches, and right now he's real sore. I just hope there's no nerve damage. He's really taking it well. He said he was just thankful it was him and not a child. At 6'2" he was barely able to fight the dog off, and it probably would have killed a small child. Even at 35, I still worry about him. I guess our kids will always be our "kids", no matter what age. Anyway, just a quiet 4th for us.....Praise God.

Don't think we'll accept the praise band positions. After hours and hours of prayer, God showed us last weekend that He just didn't want us to serve in that capacity. For those who don't know, Jackie and I have always felt a calling to help those struggling with drugs and alcohol. Well, last week something happened that truly showed us, and answered our prayers. Jackie went to the local store for a few items and for a visit. When he got there, the owners were completely franic....there sons were just picked up for drug related charges. He was able to witness to these folks and provide comfort and encouragement and resources for help....something he couldn't have done if we had accepted this position. He would have been involved with the praise band and wouldn't have even been available to go to the store nor would have had a reason. I know a lot of people don't understand our calling, but that's ok. WE know what we are supposed to do. We will help in anyway we can until this church can get this thing off the ground.....if they will accept that, but right now, we're just needed somewhere else. The saved don't need saving ;)

Thanks to all ya'll who have sent me comments on this issue and who have been lifting us up in prayer. It wasn't an easy decision. We both love music so much. And, I guess, there's still that thing in the back of our minds that the only way to help is through a church. God's just trying to get us out of the box.

Love all ya'll,