Saturday, December 22, 2007

Goin' Home

Wanted to write a bit this morning before we left to go to Greenville. We're leaving in a while to have our Christmas at my sister's house. I really look forward to this. Even tho it's only a couple of hours away and I should get back there more, it seems like the year just flies by and Christmas is the only time we make it back. I miss my family up there. When we all get together, it's just like we haven't been apart at all. All tho we correspond thru the year, it's just not the same as getting together face-to-face. My nieces and nephews are all gettin' so grown! I look at 'em on My Space and think "Gosh, I don't even know these kids!!" A year makes all the difference. They're beginning to drive....yikes....just kiddin'....and some will soon be dating.....double yikes......takin' guitar lessons (and getting reeeeeeel good) .....just developing into great young adults. My brothers and sister are just as crazy as ever. And I really miss Momma and Evelyn. My aunt Evelyn will be 85 on February 18...same birthday as Jackie' cool is that. She always amazes me. I've never seen such an independent and determined woman. And Momma does too...the pillar that holds this whole crazy family together. After all we've put her thru, she's still standing. I just hope God blesses me to have just a few of the qualities she has. And I think He has already, cause sometimes the kids will say "Momma, you just sounded exactly like MiMi". I saw a little sign in a shop a while back that I really should have gotten. It read "Mirror mirror on the wall....I am my momma after all". I think I might have to make one like that. It has a special meaning to me.

Families are soooo important. Especially these days and times. I have learned that friends sometimes come and go, but families will be there no matter what. Momma has a saying: "Hey....Blood is blood". And the older I get, I truly understand the meaning of this.

Well, I'm off to get ready. Hope you and YOUR family have a great Christmas!