Sunday, August 31, 2008

DJ Fun.........

Well, we survived the DJ gig last night at Tim's for Mick and Christina's wedding celebration. Christina is from Honduras and an absolute joy to be around. I'm so happy for her and Mick. They seem perfect for each other and the kids just seem to adore her....and she seems to adore the kids. Our friends Tim and Randy actually hosted this party as a wedding gift for their cousin Mick. We have done djing at Tim's before and he has expanded his already ULTIMATE set-up. Any outdoor event he has there has always turned out great. This one turned out to be a real challenge, however, when Mick asked for Latino music for his bride. I searched frantically and got what I could. Not knowing Spanish, I just didn't feel comfortable playing something that I did not know what they were singing!! But, evidently, Christina was pleased with what we played. And I was very relieved when she said she wanted rap!! We partied and partied and ended up playing everything from the Latino to Southern Rock to Country to Rap .......even Hannah Montana for the kids!! Some wanted to do a little karaoke which we gladly obliged. When Mick and Christina and the kids left, the party continued, and I even left Jackie at the table while I joined in on the Cupid Shuffle!! Fun!!

While we were there, PJ and Jen announced their wedding in May, and talked to us about doing their complete wedding at the lake. Praise God!! Looks like this thing might make it after all. Our friend Joey, Tim and Randy's brother, will be coming back from Iraq in about a month, and they'll be having a celebration for him which we'll be djing. Our little Marine friend, Donnie, has already left for his second tour of Iraq. Ya'll please keep both of these Marines....and all the others.... in your prayers.

Now I can start back on my prims. I've missed them so and have been thinking about so many projects.....I don't know which ones to start first.

Anyway, I took this little video from our table while everyone was enjoying themselves. It's kinda dark, but you can see all the people bustin' a move when the lights flash on!! Even the little ones!! Don't forget to turn off my music before you play it.

Love all ya'll,


Nancy M. said...

Sounds like y'all had fun! It must be great to be able to do something you enjoy.

*Linda Pinda* said...

Hi Vic!!!
I have just gifted you with an award! Please visit my blog to view details, and don't forget to read the "fine print" where I release you from any further obligations connected with "said" award. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you making a difference with your time & talents.

Blessings... *Linda*