Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do Work

Hey ya'll. Haven't been able to do share too much lately. I've been doing work. Thanks to all the inspiration you ladies have given me, I've bit the bullet and taken a step forward. It's on now... :)

Please check out my online store on EZ Shoppes:

And, please vote for me on Top Blogs by Crafters (just scroll down to the search and type in 2 Much Farm Primitives):

And new directory listings I found:

Primitive Crossroads Directory


Cornelia said...

Hi, Vic! I checked out your shop! Looks really great over there. YOu ARE one busy lady, for sure! Are going to join Etsy, too? A lot of people are, and we hope to start our GTPF group thing there, too. If you do, please let us know your id over there. Still lovin' my soap!!!!! Cora

Daniv said...

Hi, Vic! Love your store...it is very very nice and I hope you do well...I am sorely tempted myself!
God bless you!