Monday, December 17, 2007

The Revelation

Good morning ya'll. It's freezin' here this morning! It finally feels like Christmas!! Cora, come have some coffee with me this morning....this morning it's gingerbread. I've gotten hooked on all these yummy creamers, and now it seems like I can't have just plain coffee!!

I knew I should have taken a picture of Andrea's cook book, but I didn't. She was so excited she wanted to give it to Michelle when she went home. So I knew if I didn't wrap it, she would have gone ahead and given it to her. But you know what, it really doesn't matter, does it?

Got a busy week ahead. Got 4 more presents to wrap before we go to Greenville and that'll be it......whew. Trying to get all my stuff for our meal next Monday. I'd rather get all that out of the way this week so we all can kick back and just enjoy the holidays.

Since my "early retirement" has impacted the household income, most of the gifts we're giving this year have been handmade. I can't explain it, but this year it seems like I have so much peace and enjoyment this Chrismas than I've had in a long time. Even though it's been frantically busy, there's been a peace that I can't explain.....well, yeah I can. Thank you Lord. It's a gift from Him. Sometimes I think we all get so caught up in the ways of this world that we totally leave Jesus completely out. This year I've eliminated so many of the stresses that have clouded my life and I can finally see what's important. It's funny how life can be so simple. And it's us that make it complicated. For years now I've let the world call the shots in my life. Thinking I had to have the perfect job with the good income and the impressive title.......letting Satan use this as a stumbling block to get me off the chosen path. Nothing bad....just getting side-tracked from what God really wanted for my life. Now, after cutting all that loose, I see what I've really been missing. The extra time with my husband. The smiles on the grandkids faces. The smells of Autumn. The leaves falling. The sun rising. The sun setting. The wind blowing. EVERYTHING!! It's not about the money at all. God gave me scripture a while back and He reminded me again about what, I think, we all should remember:

1 Thessalonians 4:11 Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you.

Now, I believe, I'm where I'm supposed to be. He doesn't say anything about getting paid. Just work with your hands. And I believe He will take care of the rest.......and He has. Thank you Lord.

I'm working on some Orange Spice Potpourri that should be in the Ebay store some time this week. I'm excited about this. So far, it seems to be turning out good. Ya'll watch for it.

God Bless each of ya'll,


*Linda Pinda* said...

Vic: What an inspiring post!!! I loved every word. And you are so right. If we do what we are called to do, God will take care of the rest. Mike and I are a living witness to the fact that "God WILL provide"! When we were all wrapped up in the ways of the world, nothing ever seemed to go right. Now, even when everything "goes wrong", things still seem alright! Walking with the Lord doesn't make life easy, but it sure makes it beautiful!

Thank you for that Word. I will hold it close to my heart as we enter the New Year!

Hugs... *Linda*

Michelle bryant said...

Mom You are the best!!! I love You!!! Love Michelle

cora said...

Vic, no amount of money in the world can buy a sunrise, a walk in the woods, the laughter of a child, or hearing the birds singing at your feeder. I went through what you did, working 24 hours a day --- for what??? --- stress, worry, and indigestion! You are a beautiful testimony of God's grace, and the big smile on your face just shines with his love! Thank you for sharing God's word -- a confirmation to me that I, too, did the right thing that God will provide! Cora